Friday 4th of May, 2018

 In Military Hospital Maadi
 Workshop Directors:
Prof. Dr. Osama Zein & Prof. Dr. Wael Elshawaf
Review of Cerebrovascular anatomy relevant to Neuro endovascular therapy Dr. Wessam Shereen
10:30 Normal and Variant anatomy of the Middle cerebral artery and its impact in Mechanical thrombectomy Dr. Ahmed Awad Bissar
10:50 Blood Supply of the Cranial nerves Dr. Wageeh Abdelhafeez Mohammed
Dangerous anastomosis between Internal and External Circulation Dr. Mostafa Farid
11:30 Applications of cerebrovascular anatomical considerations in treatment of extracranial vascular lesions Dr. Wael Elshawaf
11:50                                                                      Prayer and Coffee break
Types of Cerebral aneurysms and different endovascular treatment approaches Dr. Mohamed Hakim
Dilemma of treating vertebrobasilar dolichoectasia Dr. Mohamed Zaitoun
13:45 Blood Blister Aneurysms Dr. Gyula Gal
14:00                                                                                    Discussion
14: 15
Review of Stroke trials and recent treatment guidelines and updates Dr. Ramez Nader Abdalla
Assessing readiness for Acute Mechanical thrombectomy service in an Egyptian tertiary center Dr. Essam Yehya
15:00 Vessel wall imaging Dr. Talaat Hassan
15:15 Neurovascular complications of Cancer therapy Dr. Ayda Youssef


  • A Hands-on training session on endovascular stroke treatment and aneurysm treatment will be conducted twice in the Cath lab on state of the art advanced simulators.

(A limited number is available with priority given to early on-site registration)

  • Neuroradiology film Reading sessions will be conducted throughout the day with emphasis on various cerebrovascular diseases and their differentials with hands-on training on the most advanced cerebral perfusion post processing software.


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